Adding the Hub to home

Use the app to add the Hub to a home. Before you start, make sure that the hub is connected to power supply and network either Ethernet network with cable (ie Ethernet LED and Zigbee LED must be lit) or Wi-Fi network (ie WLAN LED and Zigbee LED must be lit) .
  1. Login to the app.
  2. Select the home to which the Hub will be added (A).
  3. In the gome page, tap the + icon (B).

  4. In the Add Device page, do the following:
    1. Tap Auto Scan.
    2. If prompted, follow any instructions displayed on the page.
    3. Tap Start scanning.
    4. Tap the hub device name displayed on the app page and follow the steps in the app.
Once the process is complete, the hub is displayed as a device on the home page.
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