Configure an Action to operate the devices

An Action is required to operate the light switch, blinds and dimmer devices in the Living Room. Configure the Action by setting one or more Tasks.
NOTE: This example shows the setting of the dimmer.
  1. (See A) Tap Add Task.
  2. (See B) Tap Run the device. There are four types of tasks and these can be added in action list in Automation.
  3. (See C) Select the Living Room Dimmer switch from the list.

  4. (See D, E) Select the Switch (D) and set its state to On (E).
  5. Tap Save, then Next.

    (See F) The switch Task is displayed in the Action section of the Automation page.
    TIP: If you want to delete a created action, swipe the action to left and tap the Delete option. To re-order the existing actions, tap and hold an action and drag it to the desired position in the list.
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