System requirements

To use the app, your mobile phone must support particular operating systems and versions.

Supported operating systems:

  • Android™ OS version 7 and above
  • Apple® iOS 11 and above
  • When a new version of an operating system is released, it may take some time before the Wiser system is fully compatible with that version.

  • Using Schneider Electric applications with an Android phone that has bypassed restrictions, or a jailbroken iPhone, voids all warranties associated with the application.

  • The compatibility of the interfaces with mobile phones depends on the software version installed on your mobile phone, and may change with a software upgrade. Due to the large number of mobile phones available in the market, the compatibility and functionality of your mobile phone with the app cannot be guaranteed.

  • The app only supports mobile phones, and portrait orientation. Tablet devices such as iPads are not supported.

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