Wiser system limits

When commissioning a Wiser system, it is important to understand the system limits, such as the maximum number of supported devices. For best performance, it is required to run the system at 80%.

System component

Wiser Hub Limits


Max. 120 devices in one Home

Max. 120 devices in one Room

Max. 20 devices assigned to a button

Max. 10 battery-powered devices per mains-powered device. See Support for battery-powered devices for more information.

Homes, Rooms and Members

20 is the recommended number for home per account.

Max. 20 Homes (recommended number)

The installer will be Home owner until successful handover.

Max. 20 Rooms in one Home (recommended number)

Max. 20 Members in one Home (recommended number)

Device Groups

Max. 200 devices in one Group

Max. 200 devices in one Group

Max. 100 device Groups in one Home

Max. 100 device Groups in one Home

Device Schedules

Max. 10 Schedules per device


Max. 80 Moments in one Home

Max. 80 Actions in one Moment/Automation

Max. 1000 Actions in one home
(the total actions in Moments and Automations must not exceed 1000)

Max. 10 Conditions in one Automation

For information about the recommended distance between the Hub, devices, and sensors, see Selecting a location for the Wiser Hub . The distance between Hub and device, device and device, and device and sensor is dependent on construction materials or interference in between, it could be a much longer range, in open air, without any interference.

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