Wi-Fi mode connection- Wiser Hub

AP mode (Wi-Fi) is used to commission the Hub via wireless (Wi-Fi) rather than Ethernet. There might be a situation when Ethernet mode of commissioning is not available for commissioning the Hub . For example, the router location or commissioning new home with router not available yet, therefore, the installer can choose AP mode.
  • The AP mode (Wi-Fi) is supported in the hub . The date code must be 2037 and above when it is moved from out of the box. To update the latest firmware, connect the hub to the Ethernet (see Ethernet mode connection- Wiser Hub).

  • To commission the hub by AP mode, a user must have an account in the App. For more information on creating a user account see Creating an app account.

  • The Wi-Fi in the mobile phone must be active.

  • The Wi-Fi router, hub and mobile phone must be as close as possible.

  • The following norms are satisfied based on the date code of the Wiser Hub

    Working mode Date code/version number SSID Password AP connection time Extension time
    User mode 2037 or later / 1.40.0 or later WiserGW_XXXXXX


    3 minutes

    Not applicable

    -/1.49.0 or later



    10 minutes

    Not applicable

    Installation mode

    -/1.49.0 or later



    1 hour

    3 times

  1. Login in to the App.
  2. (See A, B) Select the home where the hub is located (A) then tap the + icon (B) or Add Device.

  3. On the Add device page, tap Add manually (See C). Then select Wiser Hub under the listed devices.
    NOTE: Do not tap Auto Scan as the Wiser Hub is not visible in AP mode under Auto Scan.
    NOTE: The list of the devices vary based on country.
    NOTE: The device images in below screenshot is only for representation purpose. However, the real screen in the app varies based on the devices available in your country.

  4. Upon selecting Wiser Hub, you will receive option to select the modes of commissioning the Wiser Hub. Select AP Mode for commissioning (See D).

  5. Tap Confirm when you receive the Notification (See E).

  6. Click Next (See F) when you reach the How to prepare page.

  7. An animation is displayed about How to pair device. Follow the steps to complete the pairing, tap Confirm AP LED blinks (See G) and tap Next (See H). Then you will be prompted to a page showing the available Wi-Fi network. Enter the Wi-Fi password (See I) and tap Next (See J).
    NOTE: Use an eject tool (as shown in the animation) to short press on ‘R’ button to enable hub AP mode. The pairing window lasts for 3 minutes (when the date code is 2037 or later). In case of other version, the pairing window lasts for 10 minutes.

  8. (See K) Once the Wi-Fi connection is successful with the hub, a hotspot network will be created with the Wi-Fi name WiserGW_XXXXXX (I). Tap Go to Connect (See L).
    Then you will be prompted to the phone setting page that will request your approval to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Tap WiserGW_XXXXXX to connect to Wi-Fi. It is recommended to go to the phone settings and check WiserGW as the Wi-Fi network and then attempt to connect.
    • The last 6 digits in the Wi-Fi network (WiserGW_XXXXXX) represents the Ethernet MAC number which is labeled on the back of the device.

    • The default password for the Wi-Fi network - WiserGW_XXXXXX is wisersmarthome.

  9. After successfully connecting the phone to Wi-Fi, go back to the App. When the connection is progressed, the AP mode commissioning is successfully completed. Tap Done to finish.
    NOTE: If the commissioning is being done in a new home and there was no router yet, (for ex, using a pocket Wi-Fi 4G module), refer the steps Joining a Home after commissioning is complete.
    NOTE: If commissioning has been done in a new Home where there was no Wi-Fi available (See Unavailability of Wi-Fi in Wi-Fi network requirements). Ensure to follow steps for transferring Home ownership (See Transferring Home ownership (Existing User)) after commissioning is complete.
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