Selecting a location for the Wiser Hub

The hub is the controller of the system and must be within a range of all devices in order for the system to work properly.

The ideal location for the hub is determined by the following:

  • Layout of the building where the system is installed

  • Location of other devices that will be used in the system

Referring to the next diagram, it is most important to locate the hub (A) as central as possible to the area occupied by all mains-powered devices (B), such as switches and dimmers. Proximity to battery-powered devices (C) should also be considered in context with the tip mentioned after the diagram.

TIP: The battery-powered motion sensor in the garage (D) is a long way from the hub . However, the sensor can connect to the hub via the mains-powered device being used as the garage light switch (E). This is because mains-powered devices also act as system network extenders. Consider this when deciding where to locate the hub .

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