Overview of the Wiser™ system

The Wiser system provides an easy, convenient and flexible solution for controlling home devices.

The Wiser Hub (see A) is the center of the system, processing control requests and status reports for connected Wiser devices.

With a personal account and the Wiser by SE app on a mobile phone (see B), users can control the Wiser devices (see C) in their home from any location where the internet is available for both mobile phone and the Wiser Hub.

The Iconic connected switches, dimmers and sockets leverage both BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Zigbee technology, making them flexible and scalable. Iconic connected devices in BLE default mode can be swapped to Zigbee mode after installation to allow the smart home to evolve over time with the changing needs of the end user.

The intention of this document is to provide the information about the Zigbee System Commissioning. For more information on control with BLE, refer to .

Wiser devices

The following range of devices are available to provide convenient control of:

  • lighting and dimming

  • motorised shutters and blinds

  • Heating

  • power outlet switching

  • infrared-controlled equipment (televisions, audio systems, split system air conditioners)

Sensors are also available to record and report the following:

  • room occupancy

  • ambient light level

  • window/door open or close

  • temperature and humidity

  • water leakage

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