Assigning a device to a room

Organize devices into Rooms to represent their physical location in the home.
  1. On the Home page, tap the Menu icon (A), then tap Home Management (B).

  2. Tap the home where the room is located (C) and then tap Room Management (D).

  3. Select the Room to assign the device to (E) .

  4. In the Room Settings Page, choose a device listed under Add devices(F) . Tap the Add (+) icon next to the device to assign it to the Room.

  5. Optional:
    • hold the room devices and sort them in the desired order to arrange Room.
    • Tap the Remove (-) icon to un-assign a device from the room (H).
  6. Tap Save when finished.

The device can be accessed by selecting the applicable Room tab on the Home page.

TIP: If you select a room from the Home page and then add a new device from there, it is assigned to that room automatically.
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