Adding a home

Add a home from the Home Management menu in the app. Rooms can also be added during this task. When you register a new account, you can also use this task to set up the home that is automatically created at the end of registration.
  1. On the Home page (A, B, C), tap the Menu icon (A), then tap Home Management > Add Home (B, C).

    NOTE: If you have just registered an account, a new home has already been created for you. Tap Add New Home in (C) and continue from step 2a.

  2. On the Add Home page, do the following:
    1. Home name and location: Input (D) a name for the home and set the home location.
    2. Rooms: Create (E, F)rooms to match the physical spaces where devices are located in the home.
      Select from a default list of common room names (E). Unselect any rooms you do not want to include. To add a room name not listed, tap Add Room (F) and input the desired room name.
    3. (See G) Tap Save.

As the creator of the home, your account is automatically set as the Home owner so that you have full control over the home settings. See Access levels in the app.

Once devices are added to the home, each device can be assigned to one of the rooms created in this task.

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