Supported BACnet features

PM5320, PM5340 and PM5341 meters support specific BACnet components and standard objects over Ethernet. The supported BACnet features are available in applicable products with firmware version 2.00 and above.

The meter’s BACnet/IP protocol support is certified by BACnet International. Go to www.bacnetinternational.org or www.se.com and search for your meter model to access the PICS (Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement) for your meter.

Supported BACnet components

BACnet component Description

Protocol version


Protocol revision


Standardized device profile (Annex L)

BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)

BACNet Interoperability Building Blocks (Annex K)

  • DS-RP-B (Data Sharing - Read Property - B)

  • DS-RPM-B (Data Sharing - Read Property Multiple - B)

  • DS-WP-B (Data Sharing - Write Property - B)

  • DS-WPM-B (Data Sharing - Write Property Multiple - B)

  • DS-COV-B (Data Sharing - COV - B)

  • DM-DDB-B (Device Management - Dynamic Device Binding - B)

  • DM-DOB-B (Device Management - Dynamic Object Binding - B)

  • DM-DCC-B (Device Management - Device Communication Control - B)

BACnet/IP (Annex J)

BACnet communication internet protocol

Data link layer options


Character set ANSI


Supported services

  • subscribeCOV

  • readProperty

  • readPropertyMultiple

  • writeProperty

  • writePropertyMultiple

  • deviceCommunicationControl

  • who-HAS

  • who-Is

  • I-Am

  • I-Have

  • Confirmed COV notification

  • Unconfirmed COV notification


The meter does not support segmentation

Static device address binding

The meter does not support static device address binding

Networking options

The meter supports registration as a foreign device

Supported standard object types

NOTE: The BACnet protocol allows you to set the out-of-service property of an object to true and write a value to that property for testing purposes. In this case, your BACnet software displays the value you wrote to the object, not the actual value from the meter and the system it is monitoring. Make sure you set the out-of-service property of all objects to false before you put the meter into service.
Object type Optional properties supported Writeable properties supported Conditional writeable properties supported

Device Object

  • Location

  • Description

  • Local_Time

  • Local_Date

  • Active_COV_Subscriptions

  • Profile_Name

  • Object_Name

  • Object_Identifier

  • Location

  • Description

  • APDU_Timeout

  • Number_Of_APDU_Retries

Analog Input Object

  • Description

  • Reliability

  • COV_Increment

  • Out_Of_Service

  • COV_Increment


Binary Input Object

  • Description

  • Reliability



Multi-state Input Object

  • Description

  • Reliability

  • State_Text



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