Configuring basic setup parameters using the display

You can configure basic meter parameters using the display.

Proper configuration of the meter’s basic setup parameters is essential for accurate measurement and calculations. Use the Basic Setup screen to define the electrical power system that the meter is monitoring.

If standard (1-sec) alarms have been configured and you make subsequent changes to the meter’s basic setup, all alarms are disabled to prevent undesired alarm operation.

  • Verify all standard alarms settings are correct and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Re-enable all configured alarms.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.
After saving the changes, confirm all configured standard alarm settings are still valid, reconfigure them as required, and re-enable the alarms.

  1. Navigate to Maint > Setup .
  2. Enter the setup password (default is “0”), then press OK.
  3. Navigate to Meter > Basic .
  4. Move the cursor to point to the parameter you want to modify, then press Edit.
  5. Modify the parameter as required, then press OK.
  6. Move the cursor to point to the next parameter you want to modify, press Edit, make your changes, then press OK.
  7. Press the up arrow to exit, then press Yes to save your changes.

    Basic setup parameters available using the display



    Power System

    Select the power system type (power transformer) the meter is wired to.

    1PH2W LN Single-phase 2-wire line-to-neutral
    1PH2W LL Single-phase 2-wire line-to-line
    1PH3W LL with N Single-phase 3-wire line-to-line with neutral
    3PH3W Dlt Ungnd 3-phase 3-wire ungrounded delta
    3PH3W Dlt Crnr Gnd 3-phase 3-wire corner grounded delta
    3PH3W Wye Ungnd 3-phase 3-wire ungrounded wye
    3PH3W Wye Gnd 3-phase 3-wire grounded wye
    3PH3W Wye Res Gnd 3-phase 3-wire resistance-grounded wye
    3PH4W Opn Dlt Ctr Tp 3-phase 4-wire center-tapped open delta
    3PH4W Dlt Ctr Tp 3-phase 4-wire center-tapped delta
    3PH4W Wye Ungnd 3-phase 4-wire ungrounded wye
    3PH4W Wye Gnd 3-phase 4-wire grounded wye
    3PH4W Wye Res Gnd 3-phase 4-wire resistance-grounded wye
    VT Connect

    Select how many voltage transformers (VT) are connected to the electrical power system.

    Direct Con Direct connect; no VTs used
    2VT 2 voltage transformers
    3VT 3 voltage transformers
    VT Primary (V)
    1 to 1,000,000 Enter the size of the VT primary, in Volts.
    VT Secondary (V)
    100, 110, 115, 120 Select the size of the VT secondary, in Volts.
    CT on Terminal

    Define how many current transformers (CT) are connected to the meter, and which terminals they are connected to.

    I1 1 CT connected to I1 terminal
    I2 1 CT connected to I2 terminal
    I3 1 CT connected to I3 terminal
    I1 I2 2 CT connected to I1, I2 terminals
    I1 I3 2 CT connected to I1, I3 terminals
    I2 I3 2 CT connected to I2, I3 terminals
    I1 I2 I3 3 CT connected to I1, I2, I3 terminals
    CT Primary (A)
    1 to 32767 Enter the size of the CT primary, in Amps.
    CT Secondary (A)
    1, 5 Select the size of the CT secondary, in Amps.
    Sys Frequency (Hz)
    50, 60 Select the frequency of the electrical power system, in Hz.
    Phase Rotation
    ABC, CBA Select the phase rotation of the 3-phase system.
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