Viewing harmonics using the display

You can view harmonics data using the display.
  1. Navigate to Harm.

    The Harmonics % screen displays.

  2. Press the voltage or current harmonics you want to view.
    IEEE mode IEC mode Description
    V L-L U Line-to-line voltage harmonics data
    V L-N V Line-to-neutral voltage harmonics data
    Amps I Current harmonics data
    TDD TDD Total demand distortion data

    The fundamental (1st) harmonics numeric magnitudes and angles for all phases are displayed.

  3. Press 3–11, 13–21, or 21–31 to view the graphs for the 3rd to the 11th, 13th to 21st, or 23rd to 31st harmonics, respectively.

    For example, to display the 13th to 21st harmonics screen, press 13–21.

    A Phase A B Phase B C Phase C

    The vertical axis of the harmonics graph indicates the harmonic’s magnitude as a percentage of the fundamental harmonic, and is scaled based on the largest harmonic displayed. At the top of each vertical bar is a marker that shows the maximum value of the harmonic. If the harmonic is greater than the fundamental harmonic, this marker is triangular-shaped to show that the value is out of range.

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