Disposal, reuse, recycling

Before removing the device from its intended environment, follow the Secure disposal guidelines in this document.

Follow device removal tasks described by your organization or contact your network administrator to determine a responsible method of disposal.

Dispose the device according to the legislation of the country. Some regulatory organizations include:

  • Store devices that are not in service in an access-controlled or monitored location.
  • Physically destroy devices that are decommissioned.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in unauthorized or unintended access to sensitive or secure customer data.

Device disposal

It is recommended that the entire device is physically destroyed. Destroying the device helps prevent potential disclosure of data contained in the device that was not removed.

Device reuse

Store the device in a location that is access controlled or monitored if there is potential for reuse.

Device recycling

Go to www.se.com and search for the Product Environmental Profile for your meter type to get instructions on managing e-waste.

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