Protected setup parameters and functions

Your meter has features and settings that cannot be changed while the meter is revenue-locked. In order to prevent modifications to revenue-related settings and data on your meter, some of the features and parameters on your meter cannot be edited once the meter is revenue-locked.

Protected setup parameters

Settings Protected status Description

Power system settings


You cannot change any power system settings while the meter is locked (for example, power system type, VT and CT connections, VT and CT primary and secondary values, system frequency and phase rotation)

NOTE: For MID/MIR compliance, the Power System must be set to either 3PH4W Wye Gnd (three-phase 4-wire wye grounded) or 3PH3W Dlt Ungnd (three-phase 3-wire delta ungrounded)

Meter label


You cannot change the meter label while the meter is locked

Meter time settings


You cannot change the meter’s date while the meter is locked

Energy pulsing


The alarm / energy pulsing LED on the MID/MIR-compliant models is permanently set for energy pulsing and cannot be disabled or used for alarms. All other setup parameters for the energy pulsing LED are also permanently set and cannot be modified.

Energy reset password

Yes You cannot change the energy reset password while the meter is locked

Protected functions

After the meter is locked, the following resets are disabled:

  • Global resets: Meter Initialization (all) and Energies

  • Single resets: Energy and Multi-Tariff

For a complete list of protected functions and settings, see your meter’s Modbus register list, available from www.se.com .

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