Configuring the alarm / energy pulsing LED using the display

You can use the display to configure your meter’s LED for alarming or energy pulsing applications.
  1. Navigate to Maint > Setup .
  2. Enter the setup password (default is “0”), then press OK.
  3. Navigate to I/O > LED .
  4. Move the cursor to point to the parameter you want to modify, then press Edit.
  5. Press the plus or minus buttons to modify the parameter as required, then press OK.
  6. Press the up arrow to exit. Press Yes to save your changes.


    Option or range



    Off, Alarm, Energy

    Off turns off the LED completely.

    Alarm sets the LED for alarm notification.

    Energy sets the LED for energy pulsing.


    • Active Del
    • Active Rec
    • Active Del + Rec
    • Reactive Del
    • Reactive Rec
    • Reactive Del + Rec
    • Apparent Del
    • Apparent Rec
    • Apparent Del + Rec

    Select which accumulated energy channel to monitor and use for energy pulsing. This setting is ignored when the LED mode is set to Alarm.

    Pulse Wt. (p/k_h)

    1 to 9999999

    When configured for energy pulsing, this setting defines how many pulses are sent to the LED for every 1 kWh, 1 kVARh or 1kVAh accumulated energy. This setting is ignored when the LED mode is set to Alarm.

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