Control power (auxiliary power)



500 mA fuse


L1 and L2 are non-polarized. If using an AC power supply with neutral, connect neutral to the meter’s L2 terminal.

Always use a fuse on L1. Fuse L2 when connecting an ungrounded neutral to the control power. If using a control power transformer, fuse both primary and secondary sides of the transformer. The fuses / circuit breakers must be rated for the installation voltage and sized for the available fault current.


MID/MIR control power (auxiliary power) requirements

The auxiliary power supply source must not be connected to the load side of the measured circuit.

The auxiliary power supply of the meter must be connected in a way that ensures uninterrupted meter operation in situations where any one or two phases of the measured circuit become de-energized.

It is recommended to use an auxiliary power source, such as a DC station battery or UPS, that is independent of the measured circuit.

An external 3-phase power supply device may be used as an auxiliary power source if it is energized from all three phases of the supply (utility) side of the measured circuit.

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