Role Based Access Control on EIFE Webpages

RBAC Definition

Role-based access control is a way to assign different levels of access based on what the user’s defined role has been granted to have access to.

Role Definition

The following roles are defined for remote access:

  • Security Administrator (SECADM)

  • Engineer

  • Installer

  • Operator

  • Viewer

Each role includes a set of permissions on EIFE interface users. According to the roles, the user will have access only to the granted webpages.

Permission for Each Role

User can modify the permissions for each role using the CAE configuration tool.

The following table describes the permissions allowed for each role by default:







Security Administrator

Maintenance Information Read

Maintenance Settings Write

Maintenance Control Write

Public Information Read

Device Measures Information Read

Device Measures Settings Write

Device Measures Control Write

Device Settings Write

Device Information Read

Communication Information Read

Communication Settings Write

Communication Control Write

Date and Time Settings Write

Date and Time Information Read

Security Information Read

Security Settings Write

Security Control Write

Breaker Control Write

Breaker Settings Write

Breaker Information Read

Protection Information Read

Protection Settings Write

Protection Control Write

Input Output Information Read

Input Output Settings Write

Input Output Control Write

Security Logs Information Read

Security Logs Settings Read

Security Logs Settings Write

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