IP Configuration

IPv4 Configuration




Obtain an IP address automatically using

Used to select the mode for assigning the IPv4 parameters set. Obtain IPv4 parameters automatically using BOOTP or DHCP.

NOTE: While using a legacy DHCP server, the device name must be limited to 16 characters.
  • DHCP (default setting)


Manual IP address

Used to enter the static IP address of an EIFE interface.

Manual Subnet mask

Used to enter the Ethernet IP subnet mask address of your network.

Manual Default gateway

Used to enter the gateway (router) IP address used for wide area network (WAN) communication.

IPv6 Configuration




Enable IPv6

Defines the IPv6 configuration.

Enabled (default setting)

NOTE: The setting is unavailable to edit.

Link local address

Used to open the EIFE webpage for future use.

NOTE: In the URL address box, use [ ] brackets to enter the link local address.





Obtain DNS address automatically

Defines the dynamic behavior of the DNS server address configuration. Used to obtain the IP address from the DNS server automatically.

NOTE: Domain name system (DNS) is the naming system for computers and devices connected to a local area network (LAN) or the Internet.

Disabled when manual setting is selected.

Manual Primary server address

Defines the IPv4 address of the primary DNS server.

Manual Secondary server address

Defines the IPv4 address of the secondary DNS server. Used to perform a DNS resolution when the resolution fails with the primary DNS server.

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