Firmware Update


Use the latest version of EcoStruxure Power Commission software for all firmware updates.

The latest version of EIFE firmware and EIFE webpages are updated in a single operation through EcoStruxure Power Commission software.

For more information on EIFE firmware versions, refer to Enerlin'X EIFE Firmware Release Note.

  • Ensure that you take backup of the data log files before updating the firmware. The data log entries of the EIFE interface may be lost when the EIFE firmware is updated.
  • Ensure that you take backup of data present in User Accounts and Email Events sections of EIFE webpages.
  • Ensure that after firmware upgrade, you restore the User Accounts and Email Events configuration on EIFE webpages.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in permanent loss of data.

After updating the firmware of one device in the IMU, use the latest version of EcoStruxure Power Commission software to check the firmware compatibility between the IMU devices. The Firmware Update table helps you to diagnose and identify all discrepancy issues between the IMU devices. This table also provides the recommended actions relevant to the detected discrepancies.

Signed Firmware

All firmware designed for the MasterPact MTZ IMU is signed using the Schneider Electric public key infrastructure.

The digital certificates used to authenticate genuine Schneider Electric firmware and software must be regularly verified to ensure that they are still valid. Digital certificates that are no longer valid are published on the certificate revocation list (CRL) available on the Schneider Electric Cybersecurity Support Portal.

NOTE: Each time you connect to the MicroLogic X control unit using EcoStruxure Power Commission software, the digital signature of the control unit is automatically verified.

For more information on cybersecurity for the MasterPact MTZ circuit breakers, refer to the MasterPact MTZ – Cybersecurity Guide Related Documents for IEC Devices.

Checking the Firmware Version

You can find the firmware version of the devices in the IMU by using:

  • EcoStruxure Power Commission software, refer to EcoStruxure Power Commission online help.

  • EIFE webpages, see procedure below.





Open the web browser and log in to the EIFE webpage.

Opens the EIFE home page.


  • For checking the firmware version 004 and later: go to the DIAGNOSTICS menu, and in the EIFE page, locate the firmware version.

  • For checking the firmware version up to 003: go to the Diagnostics menu, and in the Device Information page, locate the firmware version.

NOTE: If you have updated the firmware recently, press F5 to refresh the webpage and update the displayed firmware number. The new authentication may be required to access the webpages.

Determines the firmware version of the EIFE interface.

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