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Logging is available for the device which is in the device list. The logging contents can be customized using topics. Topics are the parameters for a device that can be selected to have the desired logging content. The number of log entries per device is fixed irrespective to the number of topics selected for that device. The EIFE interface can log data received at predefined intervals (5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60 minutes). Below is an explanation of how the EIFE interface logs data and how to set up logging for a device.

NOTE: Device information in the Device List page cannot be edited if the device logging for that device is selected.

Logging Interval

Many devices in a power monitoring system do not have the ability to record data in non-volatile memory. The EIFE interface provides this data logging at predefined intervals.

The features of EIFE data logging are:

  • Maximum number of log entries per device is fixed to 12960.

  • Select maximum of 24 topics per device for data logging (topics are kVAh, kWh, kVARh, and so on).

  • Select the device and list of topics for data logging.

NOTE: Number of days of logging is impacted only by the log interval selected. It is independent of number of devices selected, number of topics selected per device, and type of topic selected.

Logging interval is a predefined time for the EIFE interface to log data received from the device. The logging capacity of a device is calculated by multiplying the log capacity factor with the logging interval set in the Device Logging page.

Logging capacity (in days) = Log capacity factor * logging interval (in minutes)

The log capacity factor is 9 and is calculated as follows:

Log capacity factor = 12960/1440


  • 12960 is the maximum number of log entries per device

  • 1440 is the number of minutes per day

Example: If the Logging Interval in the Device Logging page is set to 5 minutes, then the logging capacity is 45 days.

The table shows the logging capacity for the corresponding logging interval:

Logging Interval (Minutes)

Logging Capacity (Days)













Interval Logging Setting Procedure

The MasterPacT MTZ drawout circuit breaker in the device list can be enabled for logging. Topics to log are unique to each device. To view interval data logs, refer to Device Logging in Monitoring menu.

NOTE: To enable the Device Logging feature, there must be a time value selected from the Logging Interval drop-down list. It is recommended to disable the logging feature for the specific device being configured. To do this, clear the logging check box for the device being selected.


To disable logging, select the logging interval as Disabled , ensure that the logging selections are cleared, then click Apply .

Purge Data

To delete a data log, check Purge Data for the topics to be deleted.


To customize logging content, enable device logging. Click Topics under Customize for the device to be configured.

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