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Monitoring Webpage

Monitoring Submenu



Real Time Data

Single Device Pages

The single device pages provide basic readings of the selected devices.

Summary Device Pages

The summary device pages provide summaries of one or more selected devices.


The trending page view provides real-time graphic and table trending of common topics across multiple devices.

Device Logging

Single Device Pages

The single device pages provide the graphic and table trending logs of user-selectable quantities for selected devices.

Summary Device Pages

The summary device pages provide graphic trending logs of multiple devices with a common topic.

Control Webpage

Control Submenu



Device Control

Device Control

Resets and controls the connected slave devices.

Set Device Time

Set Device Time

Sets the slave device time to synchronize with the IFE time and displays the slave device time of the selected device.

Diagnostics Webpage

Diagnostics Submenu





Displays diagnostic data used to troubleshoot the network-related problems.

Product Information

Device Identification

  • Displays the IFE basic information to set the IFE device name and helps in the device physical location.

  • Contains information about the product name, serial number, model number, firmware version, unique identifier, MAC address, IPv4 address, and IPv6 link local address.

IMU Information

Displays the list of the IMU devices connected to the ULP port.

Device Health Check

Read Device Registers

Displays register data connected locally to the IFE server.

Communications Check

Verifies the communications health of all the slave devices connected to IFE server.

IO Readings

IO Readings

Displays the status of IO module of the selected device. Displays No IO modules connected if the selected device is not connected to a IO module.

NOTE: IO Module refers to the slave device name defined in the Device List page.

Maintenance Webpage

Maintenance Submenu





Displays the maintenance counters of the connected ULP devices.

Configuration & Settings Webpage

Configuration & Settings Submenu




Device Physical Location

  • Locate the IFE-XXYYZZ server

  • Click Blink ON.

  • The ULP LED of the selected IFE-XXYYZZ server blinks and is active for 15 s (Test mode: 1 s ON, 1 s OFF).

Date and Time

Sets the date and time manually or sets the IFE time automatically using an SNTP source or configures the slave device connected to IFE server to synchronize their time with the IFE time automatically.

Time Zone

Configures the time zone for the region and sets the daylight saving time.

Network Configuration

Ethernet Configuration (Dual port)

Configures the Ethernet.

IP Configuration

Configures the IP parameters.

Modbus TCP/IP Filtering

Configures the maximum number of Modbus TCP/IP server connections. Configures the IP addresses that can access the IFE server through Modbus TCP/IP.

Modbus Serial Line

Configures serial communication parameters.

Email Configuration

Email Server Configuration

Configures the alarms to be emailed.

Configures the SMTP parameter for mailing purpose.

Email Events

Configures the alarms to be sent through email.

Device Configuration

Device List

Configures local serial devices on the Modbus serial daisy chain and IMU core product connected to the ULP port of the IFE server.

Device Logging

Configures device logging parameters.

Device Log Export

Configures device logging export options.

Other Configuration

SNMP Parameters

Configures Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).


Configures IFE preferences.

Advanced Services Control

Configures the advanced service control parameters.

User Account

Creates and edits groups and users. Configures email accounts.

Webpage Access

Configures webpage access rights for each user group.

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