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The IFE Ethernet switchboard server (or IFE server) enables an intelligent modular unit (IMU) with a ComPact, PowerPact, or MasterPact circuit breaker to be connected to an Ethernet network. Each circuit breaker has its own IFE server and a corresponding IP address.

NOTE: The IFE interface with part number LV434001 completely replaces the IFE interface with part number LV434010. The LV434001 comes with the real time clock (RTC) feature and allows ULP connections up to 20 m (65.6 ft) with the MasterPact MTZ circuit breakers (LV434010 had a theoretical limitation of 5 m (16.4 ft) over the life of the IFE interface).

The IFE server with part number LV434002 is an Ethernet switchboard server for ComPact, PowerPact, and MasterPact circuit breakers and a server for Modbus-SL (serial line) connected devices.

IFE Server Features

The main features of IFE server are:

  • Dual Ethernet port for simple daisy chain connection

  • Device profile web service for discovery of the IFE server on the local area network (LAN)

  • ULP compliant for location of the IFE server in the switchboard

  • Ethernet interface for ComPact, PowerPact, and MasterPact circuit breakers

  • Server for Modbus-SL connected devices

  • Embedded setup webpages

  • Embedded monitoring webpages

  • Embedded control webpages

  • Built-in email alarm notification for circuit breaker connected to IFE server.

NOTE: The built-in switch of IFE server does not support the ring topology as it does not have the feature of the loop back protection.
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