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The aim of this document is to provide the users, installers, and the maintenance personnel with the technical information and procedure needed to access and maintain the IFE Ethernet switchboard server webpages.

Validity Note

This guide is valid for the IFE server for use with:

  • MasterPact MTZ circuit breakers

  • MasterPact NT/NW circuit breakers

  • ComPact NS 1600b - 3200

    circuit breakers
  • ComPact NS 630b - 1600

    circuit breakers
  • ComPacT NSX circuit breakers

NOTE: The information related to the new generation of ComPacT NSX circuit breakers in this guide applies to ComPact NSX circuit breakers also. The exceptions are mentioned wherever applicable.

The new ComPacT NSX range is based on the same technical and dimensional architecture as that of ComPact NSX circuit breaker. The electrical and mechanical performances of these two ranges are identical.

Online Information

The technical characteristics of the devices described in this guide also appear online. To access the information online, go to the Schneider Electric home page at

The information contained in this guide is likely to be updated at any time. Schneider Electric strongly recommends that you have the most recent and up-to-date version available on

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You can download these technical publications and other technical information from our website at

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