Communication Check

Automated Communication Check

While browsing the real-time data views, the IFE server has an automated communication check that runs every 15 minutes by default. To change the timing, refer to Preferences. This check verifies the communication health of all the devices configured on the IFE server, and attempts to re-establish the communication to any device marked out of service within the current browser session.

Manual Communication Check

In certain cases, there is no need to wait for the automated communications check interval and need to force the check to run manually.





From the IFE menu bar, click Diagnostics .

Opens the Diagnostics menu.


From the Diagnostics menu, in the Device Health Check submenu, click Communications Check .

Opens the Communications Check page.


Click Check Device Status .

Runs a communications check.

The communicating device displays:

  • Passed in the Communications column.

  • In Service in the Status column.

A device that is not communicating display:

  • Failed in the Communications column.

  • Out of Service in the Status column if it has failed multiple times.

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