Set Device Time


The Set Device Time page allows you to synchronize the date and time of the slave devices connected to the IFE server to IFE date and time. It also allows you to get the device time that are connected to the IFE server. This page lists the slave devices that require an external interface to set their date and time.

List of Parameters in Set Device Time



Device Selection

Allows you to select the device from the list for synchronizing, getting, and synchronizing the time.

Localized Time

Displays the time of the selected device.


Displays the status of the selected device.

Get Time

Allows you to get the time of the selected device.

Set Device Time

Allows you to set the time of the selected device.

Setting the Device Time





From the IFE menu bar, click Control.

Opens the Control menu.


From the Control menu, click Set Device Time.

Opens the Set Device Time page.


Select the devices from the Set Device Time page, and then click Set Device Time.

The selected slave device date and time gets synchronized with the IFE time and the status is updated as successful.

NOTE: If the selected device fails to synchronize with IFE date and time, then the status is updated as unsuccessful.
NOTE: Set Device Time feature is not applicable for IFE’s own IMU and shows the set status as NA (Not Applicable).
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