TeSys™ K Contactors, Overload Relays and Starters

Refer to Catalog MKTED210011EN

TeSys™ K Contactor Dimensions

TeSys K Contactor Dimensions


Direct mounting under the contactor

Separate mounting with LA7-K0064 terminal block on 35 mm rail
(AM1DP200 or AM1DE200)


Wiring Scheme

LC1, LP1, LP4K


On baseplate

LC2, LC8, LP2, LP5K

Reversing mini-contactors

On baseplate

On AM1DP200 or DE200 rail (35 mm)

On AM1DP200 or DE200 rail (35 mm)

On printed circuit board

On printed circuit board for reversing contactors or 2 mini-contactors side-by-side


Electronic time delay contact blocks

On mini-contactors or reversing mini-contactors

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