TeSys™ Ultra Open Motor Starters

Refer to Catalog 8502CT0201

TeSys™ Ultra Starter Dimensions

TeSys Ultra Starter Dimensions

Starter Controllers

Non-Reversing [1]


Rail Mounting

Screw Mounting

Rail Mounting

Screw Mounting

NOTE: Minimum electrical clearance:
X1: 35 mm for Ue = 440 V; and 70 mm for Ue = 500 and 690 V
X2: 0

Reversing Block for Mounting Separately from Power Base


Rail Mounting

Screw Mounting

Limiter Disconnector LUALB1 [1]

Door interlock Mechanisms

LU9APN43 and LU9APN44


  1. Maximum depth (with Modbus™ communication module)

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