The Easergy T300 RTU Range

Easergy™ T300 RTUs — Introduction

The Easergy T300 is a single, powerful feeder RTU designed to prepare your business for the future. It helps you evolve with the grid, improve downtime tolerance, and manage increasing energy demand. It also helps you meet increased quality and performance requirements, optimize costs, and improve the efficiency of your electrical distribution network. Easergy T300 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a modular platform of hardware and firmware, and an application building block for Medium Voltage and Low Voltage public distribution network management. It offers a single solution for control and monitoring from a simple pole-top device to a large MV/MV or MV/LV substation.  [1]

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce MV and LV outage durations (SAIDI)

  • Centralized and decentralized MV and LV distribution network management: fault location, isolation, and service restoration

  • Private network management (MV loops): Self-healing network management – Automatic Transfer Switch

  • Volt/VAR optimization support for distributed generation integration

  • MV and LV power and quality measurement according to standard EN 50160

  • Synchronize voltage measurements on the feeder in order to facilitate distributed generation integration

  • Asset management efficiency. Reduce CAPEX with a single, multi-application, modular offer

  • Strong Cybersecurity Management

Easergy T300 RTUs — Overview

HU250 Head Unit and Communication Gateway

SC150 MV Switchgear Controller

LV150 Transformer an LV Switchboard Monitoring




Applications covered:

Applications covered:

Applications covered:

  • Communication Gateway

  • Automation Controller

  • Sectionalizer

  • Cap Bank Controller & Volt Var Optimization

  • Distributed energy resources control and monitoring

  • Cybersecurity Gateway

    • Compliant with IEC 62351 and IEEE P1686

    • SCADA communication security (IEC 62351-5)

    • Local and remote access security based on RBAC (IEC 62351-8)

    • Connection security for maintenance (local and remote): HTTPS, SSH

    • Protocol security for file transfer: SFTP

    • Authentication by centralized Radius client

  • MV Network Management. Modular up to 24 Load Break Switches

  • Non-Directional and Directional Fault Detection

  • Sectionalizer and Auto Transfer Source Automation

  • Power measurement (IEC 61557-12)

  • Power Quality (IEC 61000-4-30 Class S)

  • Underground MV/MV and MV/LV substation control and monitoring

  • Overhead load break switch (LBS) control

  • LV network distribution monitoring

  • LV Power measurement according to IEC 61557-12

  • LV Power quality according IEC 61000-4-30 Class S

  • Pad-mounted and Overhead Transformer temperature monitoring

  • LV Broken conductor detection (fuse detection)

Easergy T300 Power Supplies

PS50 and PS25 Power Supplies



Wide range of smart power supplies. The Easergy T300 back-up power supplies are designed for power supply interruptions in order to maintain control and monitoring of the MV substation during the outage.


  1. Refer to catalog (document number NRJED314621EN) or the Easergy T300 product range for more information.

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