The MiCOM Range — Introduction

The MiCOM Range

The MiCOM protection relay range provides capability for a wide variety of protection, control, measurement, monitoring, and communication. MiCOM protection relays offer scalable levels of functionality and hardware options to best suit your protection requirements and allows you to choose the most cost-effective solution for your application. The versatile hardware and common relay management software (Easergy Studio) allows simple configuration and installation in different applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced communications capabilities including IEC61850 with PRP and HSR

  • Self-powered options on the MiCOM 10 series

  • Native cyber security including IEEE 1686 and NERC-CIP

  • Wide range of frequency protections including 16.5, 16.67, 25, 50, and 60Hz

  • User-friendly programmable scheme logic for custom programming

  • Application-specific design ensuring appropriate protection for any given application

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