Schneider Electric Energy Automation Solutions

Introduction — Schneider Electric Energy Automation Solutions

Schneider Electric has proven solutions for the protection, monitoring and control of any critical infrastructure power system, whether large or small. Starting with a full range of Protective Relays for Medium or Low voltage distribution systems that provide dependability and reliability, Schneider Electric fits the bill. Sepam, MiCOM and ECOFIT are the front line of protection. Add the V125 for Arc Flash protection and you have a robust system for equipment protection. Let Schneider Electric's Energy Automation Solutions provide the Protection, Monitoring, and Control you need!

Schneider Electric's ranges for Remote Terminal Units (RTU) includes SAGE and T300. SAGE is a rack mount solution offering IED integration, NERC CIP security, IEC 61131- based logic functions, communications protocols, and a custom applications library.

T300 is a modular form factor feeder RTU for Medium Voltage and Low Voltage public distribution network management.

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