SAGE 4400 RTUs


SAGE 4400

​The SAGE 4400 combines the best features of the SAGE 3030M and the SAGE 2400.  The 4400 is a rack mounted RTU with all the communications capabilities of the 3030M and the I/O flexibility of the SAGE 2400.  The 4400 uses the same I/O cards as the other SAGE products for maximum retrofit capability and is designed for applications that require a significant capability for discrete I/O. It includes enough processor power for integration of many IED’s as well as intelligent embedded applications and logic functions.

Each SAGE RTU provides the same browser-based user interface for easy configuration and setup. Each RTU offers IED integration, NERC CIP security, IEC 61131-based logic functions, communications protocols, and a custom applications library.​ [1]


  • Substation Data Concentrator

  • Large Substation RTU

  • Automation Controller

  • Protocol Converter

  • NERC CIP Cybersecure IED Gateway

Features Onboard​

  • Size: 19 x 7 x 10.5 Inches

  • -40° to +80° C Operating Temperature

  • AMD LX-800 500 MHz CPU with 1 GB flash memory (Common to all SAGE RTU)

  • ​Serial Ports: 16 x RS232 with Comm Status LED's on Front Panel

    • RTU status LED's on Front Panel

    • 5VDC available on each port (up to 5W total)

    • 300-115,000 bps available

  • Ethernet Ports: 2 x 10/100 Mbps (Optional 3 port switch [2])

  • 2x Alarm Contacts Onboard

  • Remote/Local Switch with available Dry Contacts

  • Time Synching

    • IRIG-B In -> Distributed to all 16 Serial ports

    • GPS [2]

    • Protocols

    • Arbiter

  • Power Input Options

    • 10-33 VDC

    • With Input Fusing and power switch

    • Grounding Bar

Hardware I/O Options

  • Options with more user friendly cable interface (See attached brochure for I/O details)

  • Up to 224 Status Inputs (5 ms)

  • Up to 256 - 1 ms SOE Status Inputs

  • Up to 128 SBO Trip Close Pairs

  • Up to 256 DC Analog Input points

  • Up to 256 DO Digital Output Points

​Same Firmware Capabilities in all SAGE RTUs

  • Intuitive config@WEB Browser Based User Interface. No proprietary Software Required

  • Extensive Protocol Suite included with every unit

  • Configurable Math, Logic, and Automation Applications

  • IEC 61131 Compliant IsaGRAF Programming Interface

  • NERC CIP Cybersecurity 

  • Advanced Logging with Syslog Client

  • SEL IED Management (AutoConfig, EVE File Storing, Config Change Management)

  • Force Point Data

  • Detailed Comm Diagnostics and Counters

  • PCAP, Protocol Captures

  • Secure Ethernet Protocols

    • IPSec / IKE

    • HTTPS

    • SSL / SSH 

    • SFTP

    • Embedded Firewall


  1. See our website for a full catalog of I/O Expansion Options.

  2. Available with PC/104 Expansion Cards

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