Easergy SC150 MV Switch Controller

Easergy SC150 Medium Voltage Switch Controller


All advanced functions for MV line and switchgear management in a compact box. [1]

  • Switchgear control and monitor

  • Advanced fault detection

  • Power measurement

  • Power quality

  • Sectionalizer automation

  • Embedded operator HMI

  • Automation systems

    • Automatic Transfer Source (ATS), self healing, etc., are hosted in HU250 and are designed in a IEC 61131-3 PLC workbench.

    • The sectionalizer automation (SEC) concerning one switchgear is managed by the SC150 module. This automation is factory predefined but configurable on site. This automation provides the autonomous ability to open the MV switch following detection of a number of fault currents.

Easergy SC150


Catalog Number

SC150 Medium Voltage Switch Controller CT-LPVT/VT, 1/5 A - LPVT/VT sensors


SC150 Medium Voltage Switch Controller CT-CAPA, 1/5 A - VPIS/VDS/PPACS sensors



  1. Refer to catalog (document number NRJED314621EN) or the Easergy T300 product range for more information.

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