SAGE 1450 RTUs


SAGE 1450

A powerful pole-top distribution automation platform with all the functionality of a gateway. AC Input (ACI) option provides an advanced transducer-less AC analog input capability. The SAGE 1450 can be used for interfacing to conventional PTs and CTs as well as standard current/voltage linepost sensors such as the Square D LSCV Line Post Sensors or Lindsey CVMI linepost sensors. These terminations include custom instrument-grade transformers, designed for high linearity and ultra low phase shift, which provide the high impedance inputs required for the linepost sensor resistor divider voltage outputs.

Each SAGE RTU provides the same browser-based user interface for easy configuration and setup. Each RTU offers IED integration, NERC CIP security, IEC 61131-based logic functions, communications protocols, and a custom applications library.​


  • Feeder RTU with built in AC Analog Inputs

  • Automation Controller

  • Protocol Converter

  • Sectionalizer

  • Cap Bank Controller


  • Compact Footprint: 11 x 11 x 4 Inches

  • 40° to +85° C Operating Temperature

  • Two Built-in independent Ethernet Ports

  • Optional 4 Port Ethernet switch [1]

  • Four Built-in serial ports (expands to 12 [1])

  • Separate PPP port for serial dial-up

  • AMD LX800 500 Mhz CPU w/ 1 GB Flash Memory

  • Built-in Battery Charger w/low voltage disconnect

  • On Board I/O with removable terminal blocks

    • 8 Digital Inputs (Sts/Accum/SOE)

    • 4 T/C Mom Pairs (8 relays - 2A@30VDC )

    • 6 Transducerless AIs (3 current & 3 voltage)

    • 2 DC Analog Inputs (Input Voltage and Battery Voltage)

  • On board LEDs show operational status

    • Power, status, control indications

    • Full Comm Status indications

  • Accepts 9-33 VDC Input Power directly

  • Optional 125 VDC/20-60 VDC/120 VAC on-board power supply

  • Designed for Electric Utility applications

    • Meet IEEE 472, ANSI C37.90 SWC

    • Meet C37.90.1 standards

  • Optional On-Board GPS Receiver [1]

  • Optional IRIG-B Input/Output [1]

  • Full 3 Year Warranty Standard

​Same Firmware Capabilities in all SAGE RTUs

  • Intuitive config@WEB Browser Based User Interface. No proprietary Software Required

  • Extensive Protocol Suite included with every unit

  • Configurable Math, Logic, and Automation Applications

  • IEC 61131 Compliant IsaGRAF Programming Interface

  • NERC CIP Cybersecurity 

  • Advanced Logging with Syslog Client

  • SEL IED Management (AutoConfig, EVE File Storing, Config Change Management)

  • Force Point Data

  • Detailed Comm Diagnostics and Counters

  • PCAP, Protocol Captures

  • Secure Ethernet Protocols

    • IPSec / IKE

    • HTTPS

    • SSL / SSH 

    • SFTP

    • Embedded Firewall


  1. With PC/104 Expansion Cards

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