Sepam™ Protection Configurations

Sepam Protection Configurations

Three relay series with increasing protection capabilities for six types of applications to provide all possible protection configurations

Sepam 20, 40 and 80 Protection Functions

ANSI Device Number


Sepam 20/40 Relay Models

Sepam 80 Relay Models

S24 M20 B22 S40 T40 T42 M41 G40 S84 M87 M88 T87 G87 G88 C86 B80 B83
12/14 Speed Switch                      
21B Underimpedance                              
24 Volts/Hertz                            
25 Synch Check                      
26 Thermostat                      
27 Phase-to-phase Undervoltage    
27D Positive sequence Undervoltage            
27R Remnant Undervoltage            
27S Phase-to-neutral Undervoltage    
27TN Third Harmonic Neutral Undervoltage                              
32P Directional Power                  
32Q/40/55 Directional Reactive Power                      
37 Phase Undercurrent                        
38 Bearing Temperature            
40 Loss of Excitation                      
46 Negative Sequence Current/Unbalance  
47 Negative Sequence Undervoltage    
48 Excessive Starting Time                          
49 Thermal Overload          
49T RTD Monitoring            
50BF Breaker Failure    
50/27 Inadvertent Energization                              
50 Instantaneous Phase Overcurrent  
50G Instantaneous Ground Overcurrent (Measured)    
50N Instantaneous Ground Overcurrent (Calculated)  
50V Voltage Restrained Instantaneous Overcurrent                            
51 Time Phase Overcurrent  
51C Capacitor Bank Unbalance                                
51G Time Ground Overcurrent (Measured)    
51N Time Ground Overcurrent (Calculated)  
51LR Locked Rotor                          
50V Voltage Restrained Instantaneous Overcurrent                                
51V Voltage Restrained Time Overcurrent                            
59 Phase-to-phase Overvoltage    
59N Neutral Voltage Displacement    
63 Buchholz Pressure                            
64G 100% Stator Ground Fault                              
64REF Restricted Ground Fault                                
66 Starts per hour                          
67 Directional Phase Overcurrent                        
67N Directional Ground Overcurrent                      
78 Pole Slip                          
79 Reclosing                            
81H Overfrequency    
81L Underfrequency    
81R Rate of Change of Frequency                              
87M Machine Differential                              
87T 2 Winding Transformer Differential                            

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