Easergy LV150 LV Transformer Monitor

Easergy LV150 Low Voltage Transformer Monitor


The Easergy LV150 is an unmatched low voltage monitoring module designed for the public MV/LV substation. It combines accurate 3-phase energy and power measurements with data logging, power quality analysis, alarming and temperature capabilities not typically available in such a compact RTU. The Easergy LV150 is compliant with stringent international standards that enhance its metering accuracy and power quality measurements, as specified by the safety standard requirement for the MV/LV substation. Easergy LV150 gives you the energy intelligence and control needed to track performance, stay informed in real time of critical conditions and empower you to make strategic decisions. It will help you increase reliability, maximize the use of resources and improve service. [1]


  • Transformer temperature monitoring 

  • LV incomer power monitoring 

  • LV incomer power quality monitoring

  • LV network voltage fault detection (loss of neutral at transformer level)

Easergy LV150


Catalog Number

Low Voltage Transformer Monitor



  1. Refer to catalog (document number NRJED314621EN) or the Easergy T300 product range for more information.

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