Overview of System Protection Products

System Protection Solutions

Schneider Electric's family of protective relays have been protecting power systems world wide for over 100 years. From electric utilities to commercial buildings and data centers, customers know that Schneider Electric has the right relay solution for them. Today's modern relays are much more than simple overcurrent devices. They provide power system protection as well as arc flash protection in one device all while communicating to SCADA or DCS systems seamlessly. Whether it is a new installation or a retrofit opportunity, Schneider Electric has the answer.

Powerlogic Easergy P5

Powerlogic Easergy P5

The Powerlogic Easergy P5 is a protective relay for more demanding medium voltage applications. It offers users dedicated features for industry-leading protection relay functionality to reduce risks, improve reliability, all with advanced connectivity. The P5 presents a major step forward for protection relays, bringing a number of best-in-class features together in one device.

Built-in arc-flash protection functions

Arc flash events can occur when switching or during unexpected conditions. The protection function detects if an arc-flash exists and takes action within milliseconds to isolate the connected circuit breaker.

Advanced cybersecurity

IEC 62443 compliant, the P5 has been designed with an advanced cybersecurity package. This means reduced exposure to cyber threats and improved operational security. Included by default are important security features such as password management, port hardening, and secured communication compliant to the latest international standards.

Intuitive withdrawable design

With a handle built in as part of the design, the P5 can be quickly disconnected or exchanged to speed up maintenance. Wiring, data, communication, and settings (including backup) can be stored with the panel and will be there when the relay is reconnected.

Improved recovery time

When maintenance or testing is required, the P5 helps dramatically decrease your outage recovery time. The backup memory can automatically restore settings, you can continue your operations in as little as 10 minutes.

Greater connectivity

The P5 protection relay features a wide variety of communication protocols and can support up to 3 Ethernet protocols simultaneously, including dual redundancy with PRP/HSR and RSTP protocols. All communication modules can be added at any time, including on-site, during the product life cycle to allow you to upgrade your device in line with future network evolutions.


Powerlogic Easergy P3

Powerlogic Easergy P3

The P3 is a complete range of protective relays for medium voltage applications. The innovative package boasts more than 40 protection functions and a wide variety of communication protocols for enhanced connectivity and interoperability, including:

  • Universal protection from a single box, with feeder, motor, and transformer protection functions
  • Motor, transformer, generator, and line differential protection
  • Nine communication protocols in one box, including IEC 61850
  • Embedded virtual injection testing system
  • Built-in optical arc flash protection
  • Programmable logic and protection stages

An example of Schneider Innovation at Every Level, the built-in virtual injection testing system enables a safer configuration process and gives you and your customers on-going peace of mind. Additionally, the P3 allows you to monitor your protection relay and circuit breaker, enabling full visibility of the health of your electrical installation.


V125 Arc Flash Module

V125 Arc Flash Module

Arc flash incidents are very real and very dangerous. The Schneider Electric V125 arc flash module provides detection in as low as 2 milliseconds to help mitigate equipment damage. Up to four (4) point sensors are brought into the V125 from different compartments in switchgear, such as the cable, breaker and bus compartments. The module is set with simple DIP switches and can be set up to deliver zones of arc flash protection. Installation is easy with a DIN rail or a door mount option.


ECOFIT 50/51

ECOFIT 50/51

The ECOFIT 50/51 Plug and Protect numerical relay is a direct replacement for many GE IAC and IFC relays that are still in service today. No re-wiring is required. Remove the old relay and install the ECOFIT 50/51 and its cover. The relay has 31 different overcurrent curves built in and features an instantaneous element that can trip in as little as 1.5 cycles. Gain the benefits of waveform capture, sequence of events and metering that were not possible with the older electromechanical relays.


Sepam Digital Relays

Sepam™ Digital Relays

Sepam relays feature outstanding modularity and are ideal for a myriad of applications, including industrial and commercial feeder, motor, transformer, generator, busbar, and capacitor applications. Built-in breaker control, automatic throwover, and zone selective interlocking logic makes Sepam easy to configure and test. The family consists of three (3) ranges, Series 20, Series 40 and Series 80, allowing customers to purchase the right amount of relay for their particular application.


MiCOM Relays

MiCOM Relays

MiCOM relays provide utility grade protection with deep cyber security features. Large or small power systems; simple or complex applications are all covered in the MiCOM line of products.

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