Easergy HU250 Communication Gateway

Easergy HU250 Communication Gateway


Easergy™ HU250 is a powerful and flexible communication gateway for all Easergy T300 configurations. [1]

  • Easergy HU250 can also be used as a standalone gateway for third-party IEDs

  • Open to any communication system and protocol

  • Compliant with cyber security standards

  • Advanced configuration tools

  • Open to IEC 61131 applications

  • Web server for easy commissioning and maintenance

  • Easy remote and local firmware updates

  • Secure Wi-Fi connectivity

Easergy HU250


Catalog Number

Easergy HU250: head unit communication gateway with cyber security management



  1. Refer to catalog (document number NRJED314621EN) or the Easergy T300 product range for more information.

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