Add Location Feature to Incident

Available in Responder Explorer.

An incident can have multiple location features or devices associated with it. If you select Add Location Feature and click a network feature (rather than a non-network feature), it is still added to the incident. If the incident is unconfirmed, the cursor can snap only to non-network features. To add network features to a confirmed incident, use the Add Fault tool.

  1. Right-click an incident and select Add Location Feature.
  2. Click the device you want to add to the incident.

    In ArcMap, the cursor appears as a circle with a blue dot in the middle (the blue dot snaps to devices).

  3. In the Edit Location Feature dialog, modify the Time of Report and Remarks fields as needed.

    The Edit Location Feature dialog displays information about the feature you just selected.

  4. Click OK to add the feature to the selected incident in Responder Explorer.
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