Edit Incident in ArcMap

Available in ArcMap.

You can select a Responder feature (e.g., an incident or affected loadpoint) on the map and easily edit its information using the Edit Responder Feature tool, which is available on the Responder toolbar in ArcMap.

NOTE: Responder Explorer must be open to display incident data.
  1. In ArcMap, locate the device on the map.
  2. Click the Edit Incident button on the Responder toolbar.

    The cursor becomes a circle with a blue dot in the middle. The blue dot snaps to all selectable devices. A layer must be set as selectable before this tool can snap to its features.

  3. Click a Responder feature on the map.

    You can also click an affected loadpoint for Responder to locate the associated incident or feature. If the device does not have a Responder feature associated with it, you'll receive a message indicating that a Responder feature could not be found.

    If an incident exists, it is displayed in the Edit Incident window (see example below) in Responder Explorer. Other features (e.g., tags) are displayed in their corresponding Edit window. The Edit Incident dialog is described in more detail on the Edit Incident in Responder Explorer page.

  4. Edit the incident information as needed.
  5. Click OK to save your changes, or click Cancel to close the window without saving your changes.
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