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The View tool further filters the data gathered by the Query tool. Select one of the following filters from the drop-down menu.

  • Table-Field: Allows you to perform a query on the Incidents table from the Incidents tab, or the Tags and Grounds table from the Tags and Grounds tab. In the example below, the filter is set to display all incidents that have the value ‘No Power’ in the Call Trouble field.

  • No Filter: Displays all incidents.

  • All: Displays all tags and grounds.

  • Critical: Displays only incidents with critical customers. This filter includes incidents that have the Critical field set to Yes.

  • Min. Customer Count: Displays incidents that affect a number of customers equal to or greater than the specified number. In the example below, Responder displays any incidents that affect 42 or more customers.

  • Outage Time > 8 hours: Displays all incidents that have an Outage Time of greater than eight hours.

Queries and filters can be customized, so the queries and filters in your Archive Explorer may be different than those shown here.

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