Create a Crew

Available in Responder Explorer.

Use the Crews tab to create a new crew and assign it to trucks and crew members.

  1. Right-click in the Crews window and select Create Crew.
  2. Provide a crew name, company, crew type, status, region, and availability. The crew name must be unique. You cannot have multiple crews with the same name.

    The Availability field determines whether the crew can be assigned. Any status other than Available prevents the crew from being assigned to an incident.

  3. In the Responder Mobile Crew field, select Yes or No. If a crew is using Responder Mobile in the field, this field must be set to Yes for the crew to be assigned to incidents in the field.
  4. Select the Trucks tab.
  5. You can select a filter from the drop-down menu to filter the information shown in the Trucks and Crew Members tabs.
  6. To assign a truck to a crew, drag the truck to a crew. You can assign multiple trucks to a single crew. When you drag a truck or crew member and hover your cursor over the Crew, the cursor looks like an arrow with a box, as shown below.
  7. Select the Crew Members tab.
  8. To assign a crew member to a crew, drag the crew member and drop it on the crew. You can assign multiple crew members to a single crew.
  9. Click OK to create the crew.

    The newly-created crew is ready to be assigned to an incident.

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