Select Affected Customers

Available in Responder Explorer.

Responder supports the existence of multiple customers on a single loadpoint (e.g., an apartment building). When someone from a multi-customer loadpoint calls to report an outage, Responder creates an outage for that customer only rather than for the entire loadpoint.

The Select Affected Customers tool is available in the right-click menu on most incidents on loadpoints. This tool displays all customers on the loadpoint. If there are multiple customers, the dispatcher can select those who are experiencing an outage as well.

The Select Affected Customers tool is available when the selected incident meets the following criteria:

  • Probable or Confirmed status

  • Actual Status and Expected Status fields must differ (e.g., tool not available on Restored incidents)

  • Incident can have only one device

The Select Affected Customers tool returns results only if the feature is a loadpoint (i.e., a feature with the FDRMGRLOADPOINT model name assigned). The tool may be available on features that do not have the appropriate model name assigned, but in these cases it does not return results.

Follow the steps below to use the Select Affected Customers tool.

  1. Right-click an incident and choose Select Affected Customers.
    This tool is available on all incidents meeting the above criteria. If the loadpoint contains only one customer (NOT a multi-customer loadpoint), only that customer is displayed.
  2. Select the checkbox(es) next to customers to include them in the outage.

    You can also deselect customers to remove them from the outage. Customers who have called to report no power at their location can be removed ONLY if there is an upstream incident to which they can be assigned. Selecting/deselecting customers impacts the # Cust. value on the Responder Explorer grid.

    NOTE: Selecting and deselecting customers in this dialog adds/removes loadpoints (or rows) in the RX_LOADPOINTS table.

    Example Scenario:

    Dexter Palmer is watching the Denver Broncos on television in his apartment when his power goes out. Frantic to see if his team was able to convert on a fourth and two at the opponent's ten yard line with less than a minute left to play, he uses his cell phone to call his power company – Power Company of America (PAC).

    A friendly representative at PAC logs Dexter's call, which results in an incident that contains calls from a few of his neighbors as well (all distressed Bronco fans). Dispatcher Jill Baxter sees the incident and dispatches a crew to investigate.

    Minutes later, the crew reports that only the third floor of Dexter’s apartment building is experiencing the outage. Jill uses the Select Affected Customers tool to manually select all residents of the third floor (3A, 3B, 3C, etc.). The crew quickly restores power, but alas Dexter has to watch the highlights on SportsCenter.

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