Responder Web Browser

The Responder web browser offers a wide variety of tools for various types of users. Customer Service Representatives have access to call entry forms and callback information. Dispatchers can view maps as well as utility feature information. An Administrator can add users, assign roles, and manage prediction. By default, all user roles have access to the Settings tools, which allow them to modify personal settings such as passwords and security questions. All users also have access to the Dashboard which displays outage information in a variety of ways.

The Responder User Roles topic describes which tools are available for the default roles provided with the Responder installation. The rest of the topics in this section discuss the functionality provided by the Responder web browser.

Initial Login: When logging in for the first time, you can use the default user name and password. This provides access to all tools in the Responder web browser, including the Administrative tools. It is strongly recommended that you change the password immediately to eliminate the security risk. Default user name: administrator; Default password: adminpass.

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