Edit Crew

Available in Responder Explorer.

Edit Crew allows you to modify the trucks and members assigned to a crew and edit general crew information. All crew members, equipment, and incidents assigned to the crew are shown in the top right portion of the Edit Crew window. To add members and equipment, drag them from one of the tabs below (Trucks or Crew Members) to the Crew in the upper-right corner of the Edit Crew window.

  1. Right-click a crew and select Edit.
  2. Edit the crew information fields as necessary. Fields shaded in gray cannot be edited.
  3. In the Responder Mobile Crew field, select Yes or No. If a crew is using Responder Mobile in the field, this field must be set to Yes for the crew to be assigned to incidents in the field.
  4. Use the tabs at the bottom of the window to select trucks and crew members to add to your Crew. Drag them to the tree in the upper-right corner of the dialog to assign them.

    You can add, edit, or delete crew members and trucks.

  5. You can select a filter from the drop-down menu to filter the information shown in the Trucks and Crew Members tabs.
  6. Right-click an assigned truck or crew member and select Remove to remove them from the crew.
  7. Click OK.
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