Find/Add Downstream Subsource

Available in Responder Explorer. Requires Extended Feeder Manager.

If you have Extended Feeder Manager configured, the Find/Add Downstream Subsource tool makes it easy to display a list of subsources downstream from the selected device. You can easily add any downstream subsources to the selected incident. This tool is available ONLY on data configured to use Extended Feeder Manager.

  1. In Responder Explorer, right-click a confirmed incident.

    This tool is ONLY available on confirmed incidents. The tool performs a downstream trace and compiles a list of all downstream subsources. This may take a little time for large networks. The Find/Add Downstream Subsources window displays all subsources downstream from the device. Any devices that are already part of the incident are displayed in gray with disabled checkboxes.

  2. Select the checkbox next to any subsources to add to the incident.
    You can add multiple subsources.
  3. Click Add Device(s) to Incident.

    The selected devices are added to the incident.

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