This tab allows you to view the number of customers that are affected as tasks are executed, as well as the customers that will be affected when the switching order is executed. Executed steps are displayed on the graph with the hashmarks. Customers to be affected by planned operations are displayed on the graph in blue.

A tool tip displays information about the steps when you hover over the graph on the Affected tab. The tool tip shows which step causes customers to be added or removed from the graph. It also shows the number of customers affected, including how many are critical and priority customers.

The buttons at the top of this tab allow you to recalculate the number of affected customers and view the outage on the map.


Click this button to manually recalculate the number of affected customers. By default, the Switching Order Editor recalculates automatically. This auto-recalculate functionality may be disabled by your Administrator to ensure optimum performance when working with large switching orders.

Save Affected Customers

With the appropriate roles and permissions, you can use this tool to save the Switching Order ID and the OID and FCID for the affected loadpoints to the RX_SIMULATED_SO_LOADPOINTS table in the geodatabase.

Visualize Affected Customers

This tool symbolizes the affected customers on the map. The yellow push-pins indicate affected customers.

Clear Visualization

Use this tool to remove the symbolization placed by the Visualize Affected Customers and Visualize and Zoom To Affected Customers tools. This tool remains disabled until one of the Visualize tools is executed.

Visualize and Zoom To Affected Customers

This tool symbolizes the affected customers on the map and zooms to the area.

Pause Automatic Calculations

Click this toggle button to prevent the switching order editor from automatically calculating the number of affected customers and updating the graph. If automatic recalculation is disabled, this button is not visible. If automatic recalculation is enabled, this button temporarily disables automatic recalculation. The user can still click the Calculate button to update the graph, even when the Pause button is toggled on. See the Main Menu topic for information on pausing all open switching and restoration orders at the same time.

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