How to Mass Restore

Incidents with more than one unrestored device are eligible to perform a mass restore to restore multiple devices at once.
  1. Select the devices you want to restore together.
  2. Right-click on one of the selected devices on the Incidents tab in Responder Explorer and select Mass Restore.
  3. Select a name in the Executed By drop-down. The selected name is applied to all devices selected for mass restore.
  4. Set the time of operation in the Time field. The set time is applied to all devices selected for mass restore.
    TIP: Restore time must be later than the time of all outages.
  5. Add any remarks you have for the restoration in the Remarks box (this is not a required field). Those remarks are applied to all devices selected for mass restore.
  6. Click OK.
There are a few items to keep in mind about mass restore:
  • As with a single device restore, mass restore is only available for No Power outages.

  • Mass restore is only available if all the selected devices have not been restored.

  • If the restoration of a selected device is blocked by another feature (downstream ground, jumper causing phase swap), the restore process is halted until the blocking feature no longer blocks the restore.

  • If different crews are assigned to different devices to be restored, manual intervention is needed to choose a new crew member.

  • Mass restore is not available for devices on different incidents.

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