Log In to Responder Explorer and ArcMap

Available in Responder Explorer and ArcMap.

Before logging into ArcMap or Responder Explorer, you must first start the Responder Windows Service or the necessary Responder services (Data Services, Prediction Services, etc.).

Responder Windows Service

If your administrator has configured the Responder Windows Service, you can select Start Responder Windows Service from the Start Menu > All Programs > ArcFM Solution > Responder. This starts up the necessary Responder services as configured by your administrator.

If you receive the following error when attempting to start the Responder Windows Service, ask your administrator to verify your username and password for the Responder Windows Service.

Responder Services

You can start up the individual Responder services manually. These services should have been configured by your administrator. Browse to /Program Files/Miner and Miner/Responder/Server. Double-click the executables to start the necessary services (shown below). You can start a single service multiple times.

  • Data Services: Miner.Responder.DataServices.exe

  • Prediction Services: Miner.Responder.PredictionServices.exe

  • Archive Services: Miner.Responder.ArchiveServices.exe

  • Query Windows Service: Miner.Responder.QueryWindowsService.exe

  • Line Display Service: Miner.Responder.LineDisplayService.exe

Once the Responder services have been started, you can log into the Responder Explorer through ArcMap or open it as a standalone application.


Log into the server that contains your Responder geodatabase. Information about the ArcFM login form is available on the ArcFM Login page.

To launch Responder Explorer, click the Display Responder Explorer button on the Responder toolbar.

Standalone Responder Explorer

You can open the Responder Explorer as a standalone application without ArcMap. In the Start menu, select ArcFM Solution > Responder > Responder Explorer.

Tools such as Zoom To and Pan To are disabled as long as Responder Explorer remains open without ArcMap. You can open Responder Explorer as standalone, and then open ArcMap to enable the tools. You do NOT need to open Responder through ArcMap to enable them.

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