Open Calls

To view open customer and location calls, select the Open Calls option from the Customer Service menu. When initially opened, the Open Calls list displays only calls that were recorded by the user currently logged into Responder Web.

Customer calls include details such as customer name and address. For location calls, the customer information fields are not applicable, and any details provided by the caller are listed in the Remarks field. The following Open Calls examples include both customer and location calls:

Click the Show All Calls button to view every submitted call that is open/active. You can return to your view by clicking Show My Calls.

The columns of the Open Calls page (with the exception of the Remarks column) can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking the heading of each column.

TIP: You can configure this list to not include restored calls or loadpoints related to those calls. See the Configuration Guide for more information.

In addition, you can submit an additional call for a customer that has called previously by clicking Select. This opens a page similar to the Customer Call form on which you can record customer information.

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