Complete Incident

Available in Responder Explorer.

After the incident device has been repaired and closed, the incident must be completed. Responder Explorer ensures that specific criteria are filled before completing an incident. If all criteria aren't met, you receive a message indicating why the incident cannot be completed (see image below).

  1. Right-click an incident and select Complete.
    • If a switching order with tags and/or grounds is associated with the incident, Responder prompts the user to remove all tags and grounds before the incident can be completed.

    • If all the necessary incident management tasks have been performed, the incident is completed automatically. If the incident is unconfirmed, Responder automatically confirms it before completing.

    • If all the necessary incident management tasks have not been performed (i.e., power has not been restored and customers are still assigned to the incident), you receive a message similar to the one below. The incident is not completed.

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